The Martin Foundation is a non-profit, community-based corporation established in 1996 in memory of Mrs. Catherine Martin.  The Foundation is governed by a board of directors. Each board member is a noted leader and community advocate.

The Foundation raises and distributes funds for scholarships and student mentoring.  The funds will be used to expand successful programs already offered and to provide new programs/opportunities based on board members' suggestions and recommendations.

Welcome To The Martin Foundation

The Martin Family

Our Vision

To support initiatives involving the health, education, and welfare of the children of our community

Our Mission

To teach, train, and provide financial assistance to students who intend to pursue careers in education, the environmental sciences, and medicine within the continental United States

Our Specification

*Mentoring Exceptional Science Students

 High School Graduates

*School Innovations

*Business and Community Relations
 True Holistic Collaborations
 Community Unity
 Research Diversification

*Resource Development
 Funding Raising
 In-Kind Contributions

*Student Development


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