About Us

The Executive Director of the Martin Foundation is Dr. Angela Martin.  Dr. Martin earned her Associate Arts Degree, Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, and the coveted Doctor of Medicine Degree from the Emory University system, Atlanta, Georgia.  After completing her undergraduate degree at Emory College, Dr. Martin was accepted into the third class of Morehouse School of Medicine.  There she studied under Dr. Louis Sullivan and Dr. David Satcher and was inspired to practice medicine in an area of health manpower shortage. 

Dr. Martin located to Alabama in 1987 on assignment from the National Health Service Corps to serve in rural Alabama.  While paying back her commitment at a federally qualified health clinic in Gadsden, Alabama, whose mission is to provide care for the improvished, she looked at various practice scenarios.  She became the first civilian pediatrician hired to develop and implement the Champus Pediatric partnership program at Fort McClellan, Alabama.  She also trained Green Beret medics for the Persian Gulf Theater in 1990.

In 1994, Dr. Martin became Anniston's first and only African American female to enter solo pediatric practice. 

Dr. Martin holds an additional honorary doctorate from the Morehouse School of Medicine.  She has been approached by the Morehouse School of Medicine to become an Associate Professor of Medicine.  This faculty position will strengthen preceptorship opportunities and enable students, interns, and residents to assist the Martin Foundation in eliminating health disparities in Calhoun County.

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The Martin Foundation is a non-profit,  community-based corporation established by Dr. Angela Martin in memory of her mother, Catherine Farley Martin, who was an educator and an author.  The Foundation was launched in 1996 at a memorial service held at the old Martin Theatre in Dublin, Georgia.  The Foundation applied for and received its initial 501c3 status in 2002.  In 2003, the Foundation held it's first annual event.

A board of directors governs the Foundation.  Each board member is a noted leader and community advocate.  The Foundation provides scholarships to graduating high school seniors in the areas of education, health and medicine, and the environmental sciences.  In addition to having an annual fund-raiser where scholarships are distributed to the graduates, the Foundation has designed and implemented the city's only community-based medically oriented mentoring program, called the Scientific Shadows Pilot Program.  The program was established primarily to stimulate students from Anniston High School to pursue careers in health and medicine.  However, the program mentors other high school students, as well as college and post-graduate students in the health field.  The Foundation's activities are supported by both public funds and private donations.